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All American Black with Bearings (5875)

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All American Black with Bearings (5875) at Low Price Roller Skates
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All American Black with Bearings (5875)

All American Plus Quad Roller Skate Wheels This wheel was poured in the original molds using the original compound. Please don't confuse this wheel with the clay/vanathane wheel that has the raised Sure-Grip or RC Medallion lettering. Those wheels are not the same formula. Super Hard Vanathane (Clay) Compound. 57mm. Cannot be rated on a durometer scale due to the composition of the material. Please, under no circumstances, confuse this wheel with the All American Plus urethane wheel with the same name and symbols that is offered by several other retailers. This wheel is being made currently by Creative Urethane and is not made of the vanathane/clay material. This 2006 Special Edition All American ++ Wheels have the + + in the middle. This certifies that it is the 2006 edition. THE TRUE STORY: In 2006, Luther Bernstein talked to Jim Ball (owner of Sure-Grip) at the RSA Operators Trade Show in Reno, NV. Luther asked Jim "Do you have any original All American Plus wheels?" Jim told Luther, "No, but I have the molds and the original formula and I can make some." At the 2007 Trade Show in Las Vegas, Luther asked Jim "Did you ever do anything about the All American Plus wheels?". Jim to Luther said, "Sure, but you never mentioned it again. How many do you want?". "I'll take a hundred, but be sure they're printed right", Luther said. Everyone please note the special edition 2006 All American Plus black and white wheels have a + + on each side. The orignial 1960 vintage All American Plus have a U/M on the left and a + on the right. Otherwise, the wheels are the same formula made in the same molds only 35+ years apart.

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