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Quad Roller Skate Wheels
All American Plus at Low Price Roller Skates
All American Plus at Low Price Roller Skates
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All American Plus Quad Roller Skate Wheels

Sure Grip Skates

This wheel was poured in the original molds using the original compound.
Please don't confuse this wheel with the clay/vanathane wheel that has the raised Sure-Grip or RC Medallion lettering. Those wheels are not the same formula.

Please, under no circumstances, confuse this wheel with the All American Plus urethane wheel with the same name and symbols that is offered by several other retailers. This wheel is being made currently by Creative Urethane and is not made of the vanathane/clay material.
This 2006 Special Edition All American ++ Wheels have the + + in the middle.
This certifies that it is the 2006 edition.



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Personnel rated ---> 101A hardness. Weak for sliding Moves
nuffflavor (Sebastian) (Metro - Norfolk, VA) 6/29/2009 9:07 AM
I will REPEAT what Clark Kent from Newark, NJ said, "Decent Wheel!". I replace my Radar Varsity Plus with these, and I really could not tell any BIG difference it LESS grip... MORE Slide! You can actually wedge your finger nail into these wheels which means they are not that SUPER HARD. The actual ride is smoother and they might have a millimeter more give/slide than the Radar Varsity Plus wheels, but they FAILED my expectation in the less grip wheel catergory, and especially if you want to perform effortless in-the-middle-of-ring dance slide moves. Also you will kill yourself if trying one of those fantastic JB across the ring slides unless you ride the edge of them. Lowpriceskates will be getting more of my $$$ as soon as I ponder/purchase either the FO-MACs or something of that caliber. Where are those SLIDE...but...grip wheels? Rating.... I rated All Americans the same as the 101A Radar Varsity Plus just to be fair, and show that they are about equal to HARDNESS.
Excellent Wheels
K (Delaware) 4/17/2009 1:21 PM
I like these wheels alot, they are good for dance moves in the middle and skating on the outside. I've tried the Sure Grip and they were horrible.
Replica Wheels
Clark Kent (Newark, NJ) 1/19/2009 10:51 AM
Be clear, though this is a decent wheel, I do not feel it is as durable as the original. Of all 8 wheels, the corners wore down significantly faster than I expected;they lost their original shape, and began to "round". I'm a NJ skater, thus I skate like I'm from NJ; a lot of dancing, complex manuevers, sliding, and movement at a fairly high rate of speed--so the wheels take a beating. I skate on an *ORIGINAL* set of All American Plus Wheels--nothing else. I wanted to compare, so I purchased a pair of these 'do overs' last year and skated with them at various rinks--over a 6 month period. Personally, they wore down a lot faster, but the feel of the wheel was in my opinion, "just ok". On a good note, they have a little slide to em', and they stay white in color--and don't turn all yellowish. I dont think any wheel can mimic the dynamic of the original AAP Wheel, except the Original All American Dreams, or a a Fomac Wheel. Don't want to discourage anyone from buying these, just thought I'd share my experience with them. Valiant effort at remaking them.
Sk8ter Tri-State Roller
DJ Kev C (Levittown PA/Philly) 12/24/2008 3:00 PM
GREAT WHEEL!!! These are no diffrent than the originals except the markings. The slip with the grip is simply a must for the true Artistic /JB/Shuffle skater. Im getting another set. I like the White ones. I do own the originals but I like having a spare or two sets. Understand these wheels will not continue to be made unless you bid ridiculous prices on ebay. So...get a set while they last.
Anonymous (Unknown) 11/27/2007 11:03 AM
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