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Backspin Revenge

Quad Speed Skate Wheels

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Backspin Revenge Roller Derby Wheels

Vanilla Back Spin Quad Speed Roller Skate Wheels

Backspin Revenge quad derby skate wheels are available in seven different durometers distinguished by color with a two-piece sonic welded hub.

Recommended Surfaces
  • Coated Surfaces
  • High Quality Urethane
  • 62mm x 38mm
Durometer Color
  • White (99A)
  • Grey (97A)
  • Red (95A)
  • Purple (93A)
  • Tiffany (91A)
  • Blue (88A)
  • Black (85A)
Hub Style
  • Two Piece Sonic Welded Hub

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Great Wheels, Lifetime Warranty
Brandi Brown (Houston, TX) 9/8/2011 12:12 PM
I love these wheels. I have had several of mine break in the same manner mentioned in the other comments but Backspin replaced them for FREE! About 10 or more girls on my league got them and then had the entire set replaced with upgraded versions of them when 1 or more of theirs also broke. I love a company who stands behind it's product and even writes the words LIFETIME WARRANTY on the box.
Broken hubs FTL
Q.Q.Moore (Arizona) 7/27/2011 2:58 PM
I look over a couple of my derby sisters skates for them as far as maintenance goes (adjusting their trucks, cleaning their bearings and wheels, checking their skates before bouts, etc.). While checking a wheel for one of the girls I took off one of her Backspin 2.0's and discovered the back of the hub where the second bearing goes had COMPLETELY broken off! I told her I would not put it back on for her to skate period - too much unknown and risk to her and the rest of the skaters. Long story short she contacted Vanilla and as soon as she sends them her 2.0's she will be sent a new set of 3.0's - as there have been a lot of issues with these wheels...Vanilla offers a lifetime guarantee on their wheels...sonic something does go wrong SEND THEM BACK! She was told it's a 3-week turnaround...but that's better than being out the $ and the wheels...
Diane (Colorado ) 6/22/2011 3:10 PM
I liked these at first but then I thought I was going crazy because I had no control.. I have three broken wheels to date.. It was a sad day when you pay 90 dollars for a pair of wheels and they break! I could have cried!
texas thai foon (FL) 6/9/2011 1:43 AM
They were great....while they lasted. I got them for free at a game for winning MVP Blocker, so I can't complain much. Had I paid for them, I would have been pretty upset that they only lasted 8 months before the hubs started cracking and breaking off. I do jam alot, so maybe that's why they wore out so fast. Otherwise they were very fast and grippy.
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