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Belair Figure Wheels *RARE* (3322)

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Belair Figure Wheels *RARE* (3322) at Low Price Roller Skates
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Belair Figure Wheels *RARE* (3322)

These wheels were produced in the late 1960's and were made to be used on wood floors with no plastic. They are of a material very similar to vanethane but much harder. They were made for circle figure skating and the harder the compound, the more roll you will get in order to get around the circle without stopping. This wheel is of the same hardness as the famous Waldeck and Weber figure wheels! This type of wheel is the slickest (less friction)that has ever been made!! When they were used on the figure circles, they were very slippery for take-offs but once you got started, you would roll and roll and roll... The Bellaire figure wheels are very narrow which allows figure skaters to do quick and precise turns. This wheel, beacause it is narrow, has less surface area on the floor and is a tall (62mm). This wheel is for the most advanced skaters because it will slide and turn quickly. Low Price aquired these two sets of wheels from Belair Urethane Co. in Maryland on a close-out purchase deal of old style skate wheels. LPS and Luther guarentee these wheels to be one of the slickest wheels (slide ability) that can be purchased at this time! If you have any further questions, call Luther @ (877) 277-2346.

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