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Bionic Bigfoot Toe Stops

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Bionic Bigfoot Toe Stops

The next step up in the world of toe stops, do it all with the Bionic Bigfoot toe stops

  • Bigfoot toe stops are high performance stoppers with a unique shape designed for ultimate grip and rebound
  • The X-Grip model is extremely grippy
  • Not recommended for outdoor use
  • The Grip model is designed for long lasting use on multiple surfaces.

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Danny (California/Texas) 3/24/2017 4:28 AM
I am a Roller Derby Player(Jammer/Mens Team). I've Skated on Literally everything in my over 35 Years of skating since I was a child. "BIONIC" toe Stops are Easily the best Toe Stop ever made(second to none). They easily grip better than any other and I've tried. They last a very long time even for someone like me who skates a minimum 3 times a week at very hard practices(its hard to have both grip and longevity yet Bionic does). I do also skate regular open session as well. Bionic's ARE NOT meant for rough cement or asphalt(stick to a smooth, coated or urethane wood floor or very very smooth un-coated cement floor like a smooth tennis court) they will still grip great but they wear quickly as if on sandpaper when on asphalt and rough cement. Here is my experience with other brands I've used in order of like to dislike- "Gumball" well they are easily 2nd to Bionic as they have decent grip but do wear much quicker than bionic(Bionic still Grips better though). "Sure Grip" well they last a good long while but they don't actually Grip a bit(Sure Grip is although my favorite for rough outdoor surfaces because even on rough asphalt they don't grip much so they slide over it making them last longer than others). "Powerdyne" these are actually an ok Toe Stop if your on a Budget, Grip isn't bad and it does have a long life to it. "Snyder" well, I hate them, grip is just ok but they are total Junk as they quickly and easily have the rubber break off the screw holding them in, yet they are top dollar?(they should cost $4 a pair at most in my opinion and I still wouldn't buy them). Stay away from all Mini Toe Stops as you might as well use a plug, Mini toe Stops are good for Small lightweight Children on small child size skates. Dancing is sometimes a good fit for mini's if combo dance/skate is your thing. Even if you wear a very small skate I'd say a heavier skater will have less luck with a Mini(not enough surface area on the floor). Hope this helped. Get the BIONIC!
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