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Grn Mnstr Superball Toe Stops

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Grn Mnstr Superball Toe Stops

Recommended for Roller Derby Use!

GRN MNSTR Superball Toe Stops feature a dual durometer stopper that is designed to provide the grip of a traditional Gumball combined with the durability of a harder stop. The outer material on these is softer while the inner pads are harder. This allows for a skater to to stop abruptly when needed OR be able to get a little glide when blocking backwards in a wall. These huge stoppers offer one of the largest footprints on the market and the only stops with featuring dual durometer pours! 60 mm wide toe stops.

  • Shape: Flat, Pre-Cut Angle
  • Face: Round w/ Wheel Cutouts
  • Footprint: Small - Medium - Large (64mm)
  • Stem Length: Hollow 17mm or 30mm
  • Density: Soft - Moderate - Hard
  • Most of the stopper is soft with the inserts on the face of the stopper being hard.

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