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Labeda Proline Quad Speed/Artistic Plates

Labeda Skates

Brand new reissue of the top of the line Labeda Proline quad plates. Made in the USA.
Made of Series 7000 aircraft aluminum with 5 degree kingpins, micro adjustment nuts and 7mm axles.

  • High rebound urethane cushions.
  • Our king pin is made of 7000 Series Aluminum; it is lighter than and twice as strong as standard mild steel pins. Due to our special angle geometry it sees less stress than other skates which makes it less prone to breaking.
  • Adjustment of the truck assembly is by a micrometer. You first loosen the tapered locking screw and by rotating the micrometer nut one mark at a time, either compresses or relaxes the cushions by .001 inch.
  • The axle in our truck is the hardest, toughest and truest of all axles made held to the tightest of tolerances.
  • The truck pivot pin is nestled in a porous bronze, oil for life, bearing.
  • The trucks adjustment is done from the top, therefore you will never have to loosen or tighten the king pin or locking nut again, which eliminates the major cause of why king pins break
  • Our base plate is made from 7000 Series Aircraft Aluminum which makes it very strong but extremely light.
  • The truck geometry is the most precise and quickest turning skate ever.
  • Mounting slots to adjust the location of the skate on the boot for optimum performance.


Product Reviews

(25 Ratings, 9 Reviews) Average Rating:
Labeda pro-lines
Speed Skater (Chicago) 12/12/2017 10:28 AM
Been skating on mine regularly since 1987. No problems at all, they are keepers for sure.
Nothing comes anywhere close to the ProLine
Speed Coach (Hickory Hills) 8/1/2014 10:36 PM
Re release of the Pro line has been long awaited. These plates will last a life time, stability, control, great feed back from the action of the trucks, skates on a rail. The tolerance of the axles in both 8mm and 7mm are spot on machined fit. Best of all they are American made with quality control measures that are second to none. I have skated just about every plate on the market, from the $50.00 price range to $1,000.00. I got rid of all of them once I got the Pro Line dialed in. As a suggestion, mount the plate roughly 3/8"-1/2" off of the heel and still be around 5/8"-3/4" from the front of the boot.
john woodard (morganton , N.C.) 6/30/2011 1:01 AM
I give the old original Proline plates ten stars and the new one's five . If my new Proline plates last as long as my two old sets I'd give them ten stars to. My originals have lasted over 25 years and never given any problems at all . I adjust my trucks when I first get them and never have to touch them again . With just a small amount of care , I wipe mine off after every session and they still look new . I would recommend the Proline plate to anyone .The new plates seem to be the same as the old ones in quality and performance .
jam skater
Eric (Dudek) 9/15/2010 12:41 PM
I have been skating on a old proline since 1998... I weigh 270 lbs and I have done jumps, jamskating, derby skating, and speed skating on them and Never broke anything on them.. they were size 700. I just reciently went to a bigger plate Size 775. Believe it or not the new bigger Plate was lighter thatn the old smaller one. Super Light! Awesome plate... The only thing Labeda Lacks is sending you wheel nuts and a Tool for adjusting your Actions. Over all a Great Plate to skate and Pretty much Bullet Proof
pro line review
casey (kernersville nc) 3/8/2010 3:23 PM
ive had a set of these since 2000. i have recently just got back into skating after an absence of a few years. I have tortured these plates. they are extremely durable. im glad they are back in production in case i need any replacement parts, but havent had any issues yet!
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