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Riedell Zuca Bag

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Riedell ZÜCA Bag / Case

Riedell Skates

A true all-around athlete, the patented design of the ZÃCA Sport demands attention. Agile. Graceful. Absurdly versatile. And with a light, super-strong aluminum frame and oversized polyurethane wheels (they climb stairs), even school hallways and cracked sidewalks can't slow its roll. Other sweet features? A removable, washable bag. Wheels that flash. Tons of custom combos. And yes, a built-in seat. Ready? Game on.

  • An integrated seat and telescoping handle
  • Magneto dynamic flashing LED wheels
  • Unique dual wheel design for climbing curbs and stairs with ease
  • Heavy-duty water resistant bag
  • Super durable aerospace class construction
  • Ultra silent scooter wheels with sealed skate-class bearings
  • A gear platform to carry additional loads
  • Weight: 9 lbs.

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zuca freak!
figure skater (nc) 6/3/2010 6:38 PM
omg i want one so bad but my parents wont let me get one!
Paul (Tidewater) 11/27/2009 4:43 PM
I purchased this bag abut a year ago and am very pleased with it's functionality and versatility. Get lots of compliments/stares. Always have a seat wherever you go.
Reply to a derby girl's best friend
WildStyle (NY) 7/18/2009 12:44 AM
I heard this thing is so cool it's like a automatic locker on wheels, If so as a guy I'll for sure buy one, I now have a few pairs of skates and if I chose to bring two of my pair of skate for switching instead of bring multi skate cases that could be the deal as it sounds. If I am to buy one of these I could most likely carry my skate tools and all with that. Last night I ended up having to cut skating early because the action on my one skate was way to lose and I needed a flat head screw driver which my main tool I had was my flex tool which don't have a flat head just the sockets, The bearing push thingy and a few other parts but no flat head so now I am having to carry other tools and the idea is that could be my saver right there? I mean it for sure looks and sounds like it's well worth every nickel spent. I mean heck at that rate it could make my skate nights a lot more worry free :)
a derby girl's best friend
Dreadnought (Boston, MA) 12/28/2008 12:01 AM
Normally I'm a nightmare on the bus on derby practice days - I have nine million bags and can never squeeze into a seat. This bag lets me carry all of my derby gear (if I pack it tightly and use skills honed by hours of tetris) and also provides me with my own seat. I love this bag like whoa.
Anonymous (Unknown) 4/3/2008 11:16 AM
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