Adjustable Roller Skates

Playlife Sugar Adjustable Roller Skates

Again Powerslide push the boundaries by taking us back in time to the retro styling and features that most of our parents will have used as children. The Playlife Sugar is a beginner quad skate aimed at bringing the children back to the world of skating. The Sugar looks identical to that of your parents old rusty first pair of skates but with one big difference. These actually roll and roll well they do! With Quality Urethane 54x38mm 82a wheels and Abec 5 bearing these skates will keep you rolling smoothly. The skates can be adjusted from an infant size EU 28 right up to a 37. Start your kids young and grab a set of these today!


  Vinyl boot with laces & Buckle


  Red Playlife Wheels
  54mmx 38mm
  Hardness - 82A

  ABEC 5 Precision Bearings

Toe Stopper:
  Bolt on Fixed Toe Stop

Playlife Laja Adjustable Skates

The Playlife Laja skates are size-adjustable rollerskates for kids with a very nice design which are suitable for fast growing kids.
Designed with an ultra comfortable liner and as a soft boot, this rollerskate will give you the perfect conditions to explore side-by-side skating adventures with Octo Propel Wheels & Wicked ABEC 7 bearings to ensure good grip and a quick gain of speed and sustained roll.



Built In Cuff
High Lateral Support
Built In Liner / Thin EVA Innersole
Lace, Buckle & Velcro Closures

Standard Mounting

Octo Propel
59mm x 38mm
78A Hardness
Wicked ABEC 7 Bearings
Fixed Yellow Oval Toe Stop