Atom Skates

Atom Poison Savant Quad Speed Skate Wheels

Poison Savant is Atom's new 'go-to' wheel for ANY surface. Never worry about sliding again! Atom noticed that many derby skaters use outdoor wheels which are normally narrow and WAY too sluggish. To answer your needs, they've created Poison.

Now you can have the best of all worlds: grip, roll AND amazing lateral push! Poison provides awesome grip without that 'sluggish marshmallow" feeling which allows for more roll. Featuring super sick graphics on a bright green core, Poison Savant will blow your competitors off the derby track! Perfect for: Slick Sport Courts, Banked Tracks and Dirty Wood Floors. With the Atom Savant you can truly have the best of all worlds. Price is for a set of 4 wheels

  • All Indoor Surfaces
  • GoThane
  • 59mm x 38mm
  • Natural w/ Green Hub (Hybrid)
  • Natural w/ Pink Hub (Hybrid)
  • Hollow Core
Atom Savant Quad Speed Skate Wheels

Savant is a blend of Atom’s Boom and Juke urethane on an oversized core with a molded lip. The oversized core not only reduces weight but increases the overall roll (speed). With the increased speed the molded lip plays a big role in ensuring the grip characteristics remain!

Sold in 4 PKS

Features include:

  • Oversized 45mm core
  • 5mm tire with 7mm lip
  • 68 grams per wheel (Over 20% weight reduction compared to Boom Solid Core 59x38)

Hardness: 88a (Pink), 91a (Blue), 93a (Purple), 95a (Black), 97a (Orange)

Surfaces: Plastic, Wood, Slick Sport Court

Bionic Super Stoppers

Bionic Super Stoppers are appropriate for today’s high-performance roller sports and the demanding skater. Perfect for all skating surfaces, Bionic Super Stoppers have a large footprint, (45mm), for maximizing grip, stability and agility.

Features include:

  • 30mm stem length
  • 45mm footprint
(Sold in 2pk)
Bionic Big Foot Stoppers

BIGFOOT stoppers were designed with performance as a priority. We've created the ultimate stopper by developing the largest footprint, (59mm), available without the issue of wheels rubbing. Bigfoot stoppers have superior grip and the highest rebound ever produced!

Looking to improve your game immediately, stop/start fasterhold your position longercreate stronger walls of defense, and yet move in any direction seamlessly and confidently?... Bionic BIGFOOT is your answer.

Features include:

  • 59mm footprint
  • Angled to prevent wheels from touching (guaranteed up to 66mm)
  • Pre-angled bottom (zero break-in period)
  • 30mm stem
  • 5/8” Stem
  • American Standard Thread

(Not recommended for outdoor or abrasive surfaces such as asphalt/cement.)

Bionic XS Stoppers

Bionic XS Stoppers are made of a long lasting, non-marking rubber compound.

Features include:

  • 30mm stem length
(Sold in 2pk)
Atom Backpack

Our popular backpack now with a ventilated outer pocket for perfect for storing skates and clothes post workout... No more sweaty smell!

Available in 4 exciting new colors: Pink, Blue, Red & Green!

Atom Trolley Bag

Traveling to practice and events is a whole lot easier with a Luigino/Atom Trolley Bag! Features include: Retractable handleDetachable 'mini-bag' adds flexibility when fitting in overhead compartments and durable wheels. The perfect travel companion.

(Trolley and detachable mini-bag not sold separately.)


Atom Snap Quad Speed Skate Wheels

Same Wheel Formula As Poison!

Atom Snap is an excellent, cost effective choice for

an all-around skate wheel. 


This is priced per 4-pack.



BK = Black

BL = Blue

GR = Green

PK = Pink


Size: 60mm x 40mm


Hardness: 91A


Surfaces: Cement, Sport Court, Uncoated Surfaces

Atom Pulse Quad Outdoor Wheels

The Best Ride Outdoor Wheels Can Offer.

Atom Pulse glides over surfaces as if you're on a cloud. Fast and long lasting, Pulse is sure to be your 'go-to' outdoor wheel.

This is priced for a 4-pack.

Colors: blue, pink, green, purple, smoke

BK = Black

BL = Blue

GN = Green

PK = Pink

PU = Purple

Size: 65mm x 37mm

Hardness: 78A

Surfaces: Sidewalk, Boardwalk

Atom Roadhog Quad Outdoor Wheels

The only true outdoor quad 'speed' wheel on the market today.

Size: 66mm x 42mm

Hardness: 78A

Surfaces: Sidewalk, Boardwalk, Asphalt

Technology: Solid Core Technology

Atom Boom Nylon Derby Wheels

The 'go to' wheel for all levels of play and types of surfaces.


QWA4250 = 62mm x 44mm

QWA4252 Slim = 59mm x 38mm


Firm/Pink = PK

XFirm/Orange = OR

XXFirm/Red = RD

Surfaces: Slick Sport Court, Concrete, Wood

Atom Juke Nylon Derby Wheels

Say hello to the new and improved Atom Juke!

We’ve taken the high-performance urethane of our original, hugely popular Juke and ‘tweaked’ the chemistry with proprietary ingredients to  meet the demands of today’s modern skater.

  • Increased Grip & Roll
  • Better Plow Stops
  • More Control on Your Skates


Size: 59mm x 38mm


88a/Blue = BL

91a/Orange = OR

93a/Purple = PU

95a/Green = GN

Surfaces: Plastic, Wood, Slick Sport Court