Playlife Bronx II Freestyle Inline

Produced by Powerslide, these hard boot freestyle skates come with all the bells and whistles you'd expect in a mid range skate, but with a super low price. Perfect for the beginners and intermediate level skaters looking for something to cruise around in.

No Brakes included

TPO material
Standard Lacing
40 degree Power Strap
Velvet & Mesh Lining

6061 Aircraft Aluminum Frame
Double Axel System
Max Wheel Size 4 x 80mm
No Brakes included

PU Casted
4 x 76mm to 80mm
Hardness 84A

Wicked ABEC 7 Precision Bearings

Chaya Melrose Elite Seafoam Dream Quad Skate

With the Chaya Melrose Sea Foam Dream roller skate fashion truly meets comfort and performance. This skate takes you back to the heart of the roller skating movement in California in the 70's. A perfect roller skate to cruise at the beach or to hang out with your friends. The Chaya Melrose is extremely comfortable, fitting just like a sneaker. The Sea Foam Dream (Baby Blue / Sand)  roller skate has high-quality embroidery is stylish and comfortable enough to wear all day and well into the evening.


Melrose Elite Sea Foam Dream
Superior comfort
Thin EVA Innersole
High quality interior padding

Shari Plate
Fiberglass reinforced Plastic
Standard Mounting
20° Truck Angle
Jelly Interlock Cushions 92A

Soft wheels for a smooth ride
Octo Paseo 62mm x 38mm, 78a

Wicked ABEC 9
Chrome Steel Ball Bearings
608 Standard

Toe Stopper:
Chaya Controller Toe Stop
Long Stem
Flat Head


Chaya Ruby Hard

The Chaya Ruby Hard is low cut and lightweight made from a composite material shell. For Superior comfort this boot has high quality interior padding and a speed strap to keep your foot in place. Ruby Hard skate comes with a set of Octo Edge 59x38mm, 92a hard wheels giving you a high performance feel.


Composite material
Low cut boot
Superior comfort
High quality interior padding
Speed strap

Nylon + Fiberglass
Dual Center Mounting ready
20° truck, aluminium, casted
Power toe
Offset toe stop
Jelly Interlock PU-Cushions, 84A

Hard wheel for high performance
Octo Edge 59x38mm, 92a

ABEC 7 Chrome Steel Ball Bearings

Toe Stopper:
Controller stopper
Natural/synthetic rubber mix
Long stem, flat head

Chaya Jelly Interlock Cushions

Chaya Jelly Interlocking Cushions fit together perfectly giving you better power transfer, smoother, more reliable action and a longer lasting cushion.

These cushions come in an 8 pack and are unique to Chaya alloy plates.


Fitting Chaya metal plates
12mm barreled
12mm coned

Playlife Funky LED Roller Skates

The Powerslide Funky LED quad skates will bring the party whenever you are skating. They are jam packed full of colors and lights. These awesome skates light up in 11 different colors and are completely rechargeable by USB! Explosive tie dye all-over print on the upper part of the skates and LED lights that run along the midsole.

The skate is designed with a cool retro sneaker look and has a high supportive boot. The frame is made from a light weight plastic material that in combination with PU wheels and fast ABEC 5 bearings will ensure an super smooth ride with this skate. Great for beginners.

Tie-Dyed Canvas Upper
High top boot
Rechargeable LED Light Up Outsole


PU Casted
OCTO 59mmx 38mm
Hardness - 80A

ABEC 5 Precision Bearings

Toe Stopper:
Bolt on Fixed Toe Stop

Octo Kinetic Wheels 4pk

Kinetic derby wheels from Octo optimized for indoor or outdoor skating with good power transfer, grip and spin. This 4-pack Kinetic wheels consists of 65mm wheels with 80A durometer.

Chaya Sapphire Elite Skate

The Chaya Sapphire skate features a low cut, nylon composite shell with a customizable Zena Plate. The Zena Plate is aluminum with a responsive 20° action. The best aspect about the Zena Plate is the Quicky Axles, which secure and release wheels with just a touch of a button. The toe stops are offset on each plate for a more natural effect when using them. The pain free technology of the Sapphire boot includes the Evefit last for a snug feel, an extra heel lock plus a cinch strap to keep your foot in place, and soft touch microfiber lining for added comfort. The PU-nano leather upper and toe cap with abrasion resistant leather will make this boot withstand several roller derby seasons.


Composite shell
Pain free Technology
Dual Center Mounting (DCM)
Evefit last
Low cut boot
PU-nano leather upper
Toe cap with abrasion resistant leather
Padding made of Poron and EVA
Lining made of soft touch microfibre material
Waxed laces

Zena Quicky
6061 CNC Extruded Aluminum
Dual Center Mounting
Slots for traditional Mounting
20° truck, Aluminium, casted
Jelly Interlock PU-Cushions, 84A

Octo Edge 59 x 33mm 92A

WCD ABEC 7 Chrome Steel Ball Bearings
Rubber 2RZ Retainer
Removable Nylon Shield
Synthetic Oil

Toe Stopper:
Chaya Cherry Bomb Stopper
Natural/Synthetic Rubber Mix
Long stem, Flat head

Octo Drift Wheels 4pk

This 4-pack Octo Drift Wheels consists of 58mm wheels with 100A durometer. Perfect for skating outdoors or ramp, park and bowl skating.

Octo Edge Wheels 4pk

This 4-pack Edge wheels consists of 59mm wheels with 92A durometer.

Chaya Shiva Plate 20

The Chaya Shiva Plate is precision machined, high-grade aluminum powerhouse. With Dual Center Mounting it is easily mounted to any Chaya Boot with two bolts through the center of the plate. The Shiva Plate also includes standard slots for mounting to other brands of boots. The forged aluminum trucks are 20ë? and feature Quick Release Axles to enable skaters to change wheels in seconds.

  • For use with Chaya boots only -- 7075 series aluminum -- Precision machined and laser etched -- Dual Center Mount Technology (DCM)
  • TRUCKS -- 8mm clip axles -- Axle spacing washers included -- One-piece delrin pivot cup inserts
  • 20° Kingpins with Micro-adjustable lock nut -- Jelly interlock SHR PU cushions
  • Toe Stop Housing -- 5/8" Adjustable housing - 5mm hex set screw -- Offset toe stop alignment --
  • Red Cherry Bomb toe stop included
Chaya Cherry Bomb Toe Stop Long

Chaya Cherry Bomb Toe Stops are formulated from a natural rubber compound designed for high level performance on or off the track. With a round, flat profile this toe stop feels natural when using it to stop backwards. High abrasion resistance provides a longer lasting stop on any surface.

Chaya MyFit Gel Toe Cover
Chaya MyFit Gel Toe Cover protects your toes during impact and prevents injury that can occur from toe stop use. These high quality gel covers are made from silicone and fits snug inside your skate boot to help with skates that have more room upfront to fill gaps and give more control and performance. They also greatly reduce pain from shock and impact being a great option for shock absorption for your toes.
Octo Fothon Wheel 4pk

The Fothon wheel is full of LED lights that light up when rotated. This will bring light to your skating experience turning night into day.

Designed with the longer lasting super high rebound PU material, they will give you a high quality performance with a fast and smooth roll. Ideal for urban skating. With Fothon wheels you will become the star of the night.

This 4-pack Octo Fothon Wheels consists of wheels and spacers with 78A durometer. Perfect for skating outdoors.

Notice: The wheels will run on a 6mm spacer but the lights can only be activated by an 8mm spacer - This is due to the fact that the generator for the lights sits in the wheel hub.

Chaya Ophira Plate 45°

The Chaya Ophira Plate is a precision machined powerhouse, made from 6000 series high-grade aluminum. It features Dual Center Mounting which is easily mounted to any Chaya Boot with two bolts through the center of the plate. The Ophira Plate also includes standard slots for mounting to other brands of boots. The forged aluminum trucks are 45° and this plate comes with the Cherry Bomb Toe Stop that is offset at the front while the inter-locking cushions come stock in 84A.

  • DCM for use with Chaya boots -- 6061 Aircraft Aluminum -- Precision machined and laser etched -- Dual Center Mount Technology (DCM)
  • TRUCKS -- 8mm threaded axles -- One-piece pivot cup inserts
  • 45° Kingpins with Micro-adjustable lock nut -- Jelly interlock SHR PU cushions
  • 5/8" Adjustable Toe Stop housing - 5mm hex set screw -- Offset toe stop alignment --
  • Red Cherry Bomb toe stop included
Octo Momentum Wheel 4pk

The Octo Momentum Park Wheels are Aggressive quad skating wheels. Perfect profile for park or street shredding - the hardness makes it possible for you to slide yet still have a good grip and gain a fast speed.

The curved edges make it perfect for tricks/grinds and gives you a maneuverable wheel for aggressive quad skating.
This 4-pack Edge wheels consists of 58mm wheels, hub width 27mm with 100A durometer.