Skate Tools

PowerDyneY3 Skate Tool

The PowerDyne Y3 Skate Tool features three tools in one! This multipurpose skate tool is designed with a 1/2” socket for axle nuts, a 9/16” socket for kingpin locknuts, and finally a 15/16” open wrench for toe stop locknuts. The Y3 is a great tool for most plates, and one of, if not the best tools for roller skate plates that uses a washer and nut system for toe stops (most nylon plates and PowerDyne Thrust plates).


    PowerDyne Y3 Skate Tool Features: 

    • Three tools in one:
      • 1/2" socket for axle nuts
      • 9/16" socket for kingpin locknuts
      • 15/16" wrench for toe stop locknuts
    • Unique design to help make tighteing and loosening nuts and bolts easier on the hands
    Qube Bearing Press / Puller

    100% made in USA. The QUBE bearing press is designed and built in America. The QUBE bearing press is a bench mount style. Will fit both 7mm and 8mm bearings.

      Sure Grip Bearing Press / Puller

      The Sure-Grip small bearing press is ideal for those who need to travel.  Big enough to handle your needs but small enough to fit in a skate bag.  

      Has center slot to mount to table top or board.

      Will fit 8mm axles only.

        PowerDyne Y4 Skate Tool

        The PowerDyne Y4 Skate Tool features four tools in one! This versatile skate tool includes a 1/2” socket for axle nuts, an 11/16” socket for truck adjustment locknuts on PowerDyne Reactor Series plates, a removable 9/16” socket for truck adjustment locknuts, and finally a 5mm T Handle Allen wrench for toe stop set screws and PowerDyne Arius plate axis pins.


          PowerDyne Y4 Skate Tool Features: 

          • Four tools in one:
            • 5mm Allen wrench for toe stop set screws and PowerDyne Arius plate axis pins
            • 1/2" socket for axle nuts
            • 9/16" socket for truck adjustment locknuts (removable)
            • 11/16" socket for truck adjustment locknuts on PowerDyne Reactor Series plates
          • Unique design to help make tightening and loosing nuts and bolts easier on your hands
            PowerDyne Bearing Press / Puller

            Installing or replacing your bearings is a cinch with the PowerDyne Bearing Press and Puller. Just follow the instructions below and you’ll be back on the floor in no time!

            To use the PULLER, start with the handle up and the long pin down (sideways). Then put the wheel on the outside, push the handle down, and pull the bearing out. Repeat to pull out the other bearing.

            To use the PRESS, stand the pin up and put a bearing down on the pin. Next, put the wheel with the outside of the wheel (usually the printed side) facing up and put another bearing on the pin. Tip the pin down (sideways) and carefully pull the handle down. You may have to guide the bearings a bit to get started. The aluminum-hub wheels may be a bit trickier than the nylon-hub or no-hub wheels. Do not use excessive force. A very small amount of silicone oil around the outside of the bearing usually helps ease them into the aluminum-hub wheels.


              PowerDyne Bearing Press and Puller Features:

              • Helps to remove and insert bearings into wheels
              • Mounting holes allow you to attach Press/Puller to a solid base
              • Designed to specifically work with 8mm bearings
              PowerDyne Bearing Hand Tool

              The PowerDyne Bearing Hand Tool is designed to make installing and removing bearings in nylon-hub and no-hub wheels a cinch. Because this metal tool works by slightly bending the hub of the wheel during installation and removal, it is not recommended for use with metal- or aluminum-hubbed wheels.

              PowerDyne 5mm T Handle Allen Wrench

              The PowerDyne 5mm T Handle Thumb Saver Allen Wrench is designed with a sturdy plastic handle to help make loosening and tightening a breeze. Buy one – your thumbs will thank you!

              PowerDyne 5mm T-Handle Allen Wrench Features:

              • 5mm Allen wrench
              • Ergonomic handle takes pressure off thumbs when loosening or tightening
              • Perfect for use with PowerDyne Arius, Reactor Pro, Rival, and Thrust plates
              PowerDyne 11/16 Inch Deluxe Slim Wrench

              Need to tighten your loose kingpins but just can’t find the right tool for the job? Well, look no further than the laser-cut PowerDyne 11/16” Deluxe Slim Wrench. At only 4mm thick, this wrench easily slides under your wheels and trucks to reach the base of your kingpin, so you can tighten things up quickly on the fly. The Deluxe Slim Wrench also has a socket side, so you can adjust when the trucks are off as well.

                PowerDyne Delux Slim Wrench Features: 

                • 11/16" Wrench and Socket
                • Laser cut steel
                • Fits most standard kingpin bases