Speed Skates

Riedell R3 Derby Quad Speed Skates

If you’re looking to get started in roller derby, there is no better option in the entry level class than the Riedell R3 Derby Roller Skate Set. A favorite with skaters since it debuted, the R3 boot features class-leading build quality – including a special grade of vinyl that is more durable than standard vinyl and a detailed boot construction process that was developed from our decades of boot-making experience. Derby is a demanding sport though, so to ready the R3 for derby use, we added black tough scuff leather toe caps to prevent abrasion, reinforced PowerDyne Thrust nylon plates for a firm base, and Sonar Striker wheels that grip on all kinds of surfaces.


Riedell R3 Derby Skates Feature:

  • Boot: R3 Black
  • Plate: PowerDyne Thrust Nylon
  • Wheels: Sonar Striker - 88A - Red, Black or Green
  • Bearings: ABEC-5
  • Toe Stop: PowerDyne Adjustable Black with leather toe cap
  • Sizes: 1 – 14 Full Sizes Only, Medium Width
Epic Super Nitro Black Speed Skates

Epic Super Nitro Quad Speed Roller Skates are fantastic skates for beginner and intermediate level children and young adults. Finally you can get quality and reliability in an affordable quad speed skate. Epic's Super Nitro line of quad speed skates feature a classic design with an adjustable speed strap and padded collar, creating the perfect combination of comfort and support. All Epic Skates come standard with indoor/outdoor wheels and ABEC 5 bearings making it easy to transition from skating at the local rink to hitting the sidewalk for an outdoor skate. 


  • Comfortable Padded Boot
  • Classic speed skate design
  • Comfortable Man-Made Uppers


  • Lightweight Nylon
  • Double Action Trucks
  • 8mm Axles


  • ABEC-5
  • 8mm
  • Precision Speed Bearings


  • Quad Roller Skate Wheels
  • Polyurethane Compound
  • Black Wheel 
  • For Use On:
    •  All Indoor Surfaces
    • Smooth Outdoor Surfaces


  • Non-Adjustable
  • Non-Marking Compound
Riedell Dart Ombre Quad Speed Skates

All the colors please! The Riedell Dart Ombré just got a little more colorful. The boot features a unique fade pattern that is now available in new purple-green,  joining our other popular colorways neon green-black, pink-blue, black-red, and purple-pink, . The Ombré comes with a die-cast aluminum plate* and color matching Dart wheels. With the Dart Ombré you don’t have to settle for just one color.

       Riedell Dart Ombré Skate Features:


  •             Dart Ombré 2 tone Boot
  •             Synthetic Leather
  •             Adjustable Speed Strap
  •             Available in 4 color choices


  •             Aluminum Baseplate
  •             10 Degree Kingpin Angle
  •             Aluminum Trucks


  •             Dart Speed Wheels
  •             93a Durometer
  •             62x40mm 


  •             ABEC 5 Rating
  •             Sealed Bearing

        TOE STOPS

  •             Black Powerdyne Round Stops
  •             Adjustable


  • Dart Ombré Black-Red and Neon Green-Black: 1–14 Full Only; Medium Width
  • Dart Ombré Purple-Green, Purple-Pink, and Pink-Blue: 1–9 Full Only; Medium Width
  •            Skates in Mens sizes

Pacer Raven Quad Speed Skates

You'll be pleasantly surprised with this closeout skate from Pacer. The Raven 800 features a real leather boot and lightweight nylon plates at crazy low price. At this price these skates will go fast so don't wait; order yours today.

BOOTS Pacer Raven 800 REAL GENUINE LEATHER with Stylish StayTite Lace Cover Flap.
PLATES MX-6000 Pro Series Lightweight Nylon with Double Action Trucks and Dual Weight Reducing Cavities
WHEELS Pacer Raven 64mm x 38mm Jumbo 95A Indoor Speed
BEARINGS Super ABEC-9 Precision Speed!
TOE STOPS Adjustable Toe Stops
SIZING Speed Skates Are In Men's Sizes (Ladies Go Down One Size) For Example: Ladies Shoe Size 8 = Mens Skate Size 7
Riedell Dart Quad Speed Skates

The Dart quad speed skates from Riedell are available in four exciting colors and come standard with wheels with matching hub colors. These skates are a great value for anyone looking to show a little personal style on the rink without breaking the bank. Order a pair in your favorite color today and you'll be skating in style in no time! For a limited time only get a matching pair of laces with your Dart for FREE!

BOOTS Riedell Dart
  • Man-made uppers
  • Comfortable padding
  • Low-cut boot with a sleek looking style
PLATES Powerdyne Thrust
  • 15 Degree polished metal trucks
  • Durable nylon plate
  • 8mm axles
  • Urethane Bushings
WHEELS Radar Dart
  • 93A Hardness
  • 62mm
  • Polished, chromed steel ball bearings
  • High quality steel races
  • Pre-Spun
  • 8mm
  • Adjustable
SIZING Mens' Sizes
  • Ladies, please go down one size for the perfect fit.
  • Example: Mens' Size 7 = Ladies' Size 8
Riedell R3 Derby RS Quad Speed Skates

We took the R3 Derby skate and gave it boost with some key added upgrades to bring you the Riedell R3 Derby RS speed skate set. We start with the durable, class-leading R3 boot and add a black tough scuff leather toe cap to prevent abrasion. The boot is attached to a reinforced PowerDyne Thrust nylon plate for a firm base, and the skate is finished off with KwiK Zenith bearings and Radar Pop wheels that provide good grip and speed in all hardnesses and has excellent durability. All of these components combine to make one of the best derby fresh meat starter skate packages on the market.

Riedell R3 Derby RS Skates Feature:

  • Boot: R3 Black
  • Plate: PowerDyne Thrust Nylon
  • Wheels: Radar Pop - Choice of Yellow 88A, Blue 91A, Pink 93A, or Green 95A
  • Bearings: KwiK Zenith
  • Toe Stop: PowerDyne Adjustable Black with leather toe cap
  • Sizes: 1–14 Full sizes only; Medium Width
Pacer Sonic Cruiser

omfortable outdoor sneaker tennis shoe skates for all ages. Go skating! Great for beach skating or rollerskating on the sidewalk. 

BOOTS Pacer Sonic Cruiser
  • Comfortable Boots great for Women or Kids!
PLATES Zytel Nylon
  • Great lightweight plates with Double Action Trucks!
WHEELS Pacer Sonic Cruiser
  • 62mm 85A Outdoor Wheels
  • 8mm Precision
  • Translucent Toe Stops
  • These Skates Are In Men's Sizes
  • (Ladies Go Down One Size)
    For Example: Ladies Shoe Size 8 = Mens Skates Size 7
Dart Rainbow Evolve Quad Speed Skates

The Riedell Dart Rainbow Evolve Quad Speed Skates quad speed skate has a slick style with the black Riedell Dart boot, rainbow wheels and matching laces! The Riedell Dart boot is made from a soft man-made vinyl also comes complete with the PowerDyne Thrust, a lightweight nylon plate with double action metal trucks. The wheels are a rainbow selection of Epic Evolve wheels, 62mm 95A wheels with a nylon hubs and speed grooves for extra grip. The bearings are ABEC-5 ultra precision speed bearings and the toe stop is by Power Dyne for awesome starts and stops and you also have the option of adding jam plugs! The Dart Rainbow is a great beginner to intermediate skater package and would even be great for roller derby!

BOOTS Riedell Dart
  • Soft synthetic leather boot
  • Adjustable speed strap
  • Great for Roller Derby!
PLATES PowerDyne Thrust
  • Lightweight, reinforced nylon plate
  • 15 degree kingpin angle for enhanced power transfer
  • Polished metal, double action trucks
  • Accepts adjustable stops, jam plugs or bolt-on toe stops
WHEELS Epic Evolve
  • 62mm
  • 95A durometer (hardness)
  • Slotted hub
  • Rainbow selection of colors
  • Factory pre-spun with high-speed lube
  • Polished brass cages
  • High grade steel balls
  • Chromed steel races
TOE STOPS Power Dyne
  • Adjustable toe stops
  • 5/8 inch adjustable toe stops
  • Black, non-marking rubber compound
SIZING Mens Sizes
  • Ladies, please go down one size for the perfect fit.
  • Example: Men's Size 7 = Ladies' Size 8
Riedell R3 Demon Quad Speed Skates

The most popular quad speed skates ever! The Riedell R3 is the perfect combination of performance and value! The precision fit R3 boot has returned sporting PowerDyne Thrust plates and features Sonar Demon wheels in this package fit for .

BOOTS Riedell R3 - Super Comfortable Man-Made Uppers with Lots of Padding and the Preferred Open Toe Design.
PLATES PowerDyne Torq Lightweight Nylon Plates with Metal Double Action Trucks
WHEELS Sonar Demon 62mm 95A Wheels w/ Speed Groove. Graphics may vary.
BEARINGS KWIK ABEC-5 Precision Speed
TOE STOPS Adjustable Toe Stops (Optional Jam Plugs)
SIZING Speed Skates Are In Men's Sizes (Ladies Go Down One Size) / Below Size 5 Are Kids